• Q. Should I store my clean garments in the plastic bag they are returned in?
  • A. No, the bags are provided by the cleaner to protect the garments until you get them home. It is best to store garments uncovered or in fabric garment bags.

    Q. Should I have all matching pieces cleaned together?
  • A. Yes. If all pieces are cleaned together, any variations will be minimal. However, there are exceptions. Some two pieces are made as separates and different cleaning instructions may be found on each piece

    Q. How does dry cleaning work?
  • A. Despite its name, dry cleaning is not totally dry. It involves the use of liquid chemicals called solvents that remove most stains from a variety of fabrics. Most dry cleaners use Perc as their primary solvent. Because the clothes are cleaned in a liquid solution that is mostly Perc or some other solvent, with very little water if any, the term "dry cleaning" is used to describe the process. There are some differences in the way dry cleaners process clothes, but here is how it typically works: